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The majority of Lighthouse Station’s work has been focused in Chichicastenango, in the western highlands of Guatemala. Chichi, as it is commonly known, is the primary community for the indigenous Mayan people of Guatemala. Although Mayans have been a part of the Guatemalan culture for thousands of years―and despite their abject poverty―they receive very few benefits from the government.

Although they are exceptionally hardworking people, the majority of families live in extremely poor conditions. This creates immense stress and puts their children’s futures in jeopardy. These children are the focus of Lighthouse Station’s programs.


Lighthouse Station Harbor
The Lighthouse Station Harbor program provides a safe, spiritual, family-centered environment for children to live, learn, grow, and thrive.
Forever Families
The Forever Families program gives new hope to families struggling to provide basic necessities for their children.
Lighthouse Learning
The Lighthouse Learning program makes the dream of going to school a reality for children with few educational opportunities.