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Lighthouse Station Inc. was founded in 2006 to help relieve the suffering of people living in poverty throughout the world. The victims of global poverty are often children who have few opportunities for education, medical care or a stable family environment. Without these resources, children grow into adults who have very little chance for employment or income to sustain their families and communities. Lighthouse Station works to provide the opportunities necessary to end this tragic cycle.

Lighthouse Station begins by identifying the needs and challenges of a particular community. With the help of partners and volunteers, a course of action is developed to build skills and knowledge necessary to create positive progress for future generations.

But it’s not just money and skills that are lost when a community suffers because of poverty. The real loss is hope for the future.

Lighthouse Station is dedicated to the renewal of hope in areas we serve. We have seen it firsthand with families we’ve met over the last two years. Their smiles signal their self-confidence that stems from the fact they can now provide for their children. Others who see their smiles soon want to learn how they can strengthen their own families. Before long, an empowered community is planning their own self-sufficiency. God provides this hope, and these individuals work hard to achieve it. The entire community works together to better the lives of those around them.

Lighthouse Station is honored by the support we’ve received for our current and future programs. Our amazing volunteers in Guatemala and the United States have renewed our belief that we all can do something to relieve the hardships of children and families living in poverty. Lighthouse Station’s overall goal is to extend assistance to underserved communities throughout the world. We are tremendously encouraged by the generosity and goodwill that exists in our world, and we look forward to continuing this heartfelt mission.


In 2006 Lighthouse Station began its mission work by establishing a pilot project in Chichicastenango, Guatemala, a mountainous region 90 miles northwest of Guatemala City. Guatemala page

Through our partnership with a local church in Guatemala, Lighthouse Station identified the needs of many children and families in the area. We began our outreach by consulting with church members, local business leaders and local government officials to create programs that would best serve the needs of this community.

As of 2008, three programs are underway. Through Lighthouse Station Harbor, we operate a youth home for children ages six to 18; our Families Forever program works in the area of family sustainability; and Lighthouse Learning is a scholarship program to help children attend school.

Future Plans

As a result of our success, Lighthouse Station is very proud to announce we are in the process of developing a new residential facility in Guatemala for our Lighthouse Station Harbor program. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable, family-centered environment for children to live, learn, grow, and thrive. The new facility will include separate residential areas for boys and girls, houses for two host families, a library/computer lab, kitchen and dining area, a living area, a soccer field, and community gardens.

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